Guardian Mid-South has a local team of dedicated professionals committed to providing excellent customer care. Our team consists of pharmacists, certified pharmacy technicians, billing experts, account managers and consultant pharmacists.

We provide several service features that benefit our care-providing customers and their residents. Some of these services include:

  • GPK_Unit_Dose_narrow-strip24/7 access to our local pharmacists
  • Specialized medication packaging (TCGRx AdherePac 7-day Strip Packaging) that reduces errors and simplifies administration time, with features including:
    • Easy-to-read labeling with flexible font size
    • Optional barcode that serves as another compliance checkpoint
    • Packaging  that is transparent, making it easy to visually check medication
    • Packages that can be kept intact until medication is dispensed so prescription information is available all the way to the bedside
    • TCGRx_InspectRx_Brochure-1Inspect RX, an advanced technology that provides visual confirmation and electronic verification of medications. Each medication pouch is photographed for easy picture retrieval in case nursing staff, patients or families have any questions
    • We can also customize packaging to 3 or 4-day cycles
  • Automatic cycle-fill refills of routine medications
  • Automated FirstDose e-Kit
  • Timely, accurate and professional delivery service
  • Up-to-date Medication Administration Records(MARs)and physician orders for all facility residents using our service
  • Option for electronic medication administration records (eMARs)
  • Itemized invoices and local dedicated billing team
  • Immediate turn-around on cost recommendations on every nursing home admission
  • Free delivery
  • We answer our phone — we do not have an automated phone system

We also offer:

Short-cycle Dispensing:  Since 2005, Guardian Mid-South has offered a short-cycle solution as medications for nursing homes are on a 7-day cycle fill. We can also customize packaging to 3 or 4-day cycles.

The Docutrack Paperless System: Removing paper from the pharmacy creates a more productive workflow and enables flawless audits and superior customer service. All documents are easily accessible to all staff members, reducing the time required to pull documentation for patients, doctors, and facilities.

Pharmacy and Nurse Consulting Services include:

  • State Survey Support
  • Customized In-Service Training for Facility Staff
  • MAR Documentation Review
  • Individual Drug Regimen Review
  • Chart Review
  • Med Pass Audit
  • Formulary Management
  • IV and Med Pass Training