Guardian Mid-South has been dedicated to the assisted living, DIDD and mental health residential homes for more than 10 years.  We provide a range of services and understand the unique needs of communities where residents require assistance with daily living but do not require skilled nursing care. Patient safety is at the forefront of all our pharmacy support, and every onsite service complies with or exceeds state and federal regulations. Our commitment to excellence ensures pharmacy services are the least of your worries.

Our nurses and quality assurance staff provide support in reviewing medication inventory. This includes ensuring medications are current, expired products are removed, and all medications are properly labeled.

At Guardian Mid-South Pharmacy we offer multiple compliance packaging options to meet the needs of your residents and community. You’ll find the options to be simple, convenient and worry-free. Choices include:

  • GPK_Passtime_Breakfast-Lunch_front_backTCGRX AdherePac strip packaging:
    • Allows for flexibility regarding cycles with 7, 14, 28 or 30-day fills
    • Reduces errors and simplifies administration time
    • Easy-to-read labeling is flexible and allows the font to be as large or small as needed
    • Optional barcode that serves as another compliance checkpoint
    • Packaging that is transparent, making it easy to visually check medication
    • Packages that can be kept intact until medication is dispensed so prescription information is available all the way to the bedside
    • Inspect RX, an advanced technology that provides visual confirmation and electronic verification of medications. Each medication pouch is photographed for easy picture retrieval in case nursing staff, patients or families have any questionsInspect_Viewer_Screenshot1
  • Medicine-On-Time:
    • Color-coded system
    • Helps caregivers and nurses pass medications much more efficiently while greatly reducing the opportunity for error
    • Pharmacy provides medication carts compatible with the system at no cost
  • Punch Card:
    • For customers who prefer a standard punch card system

Schedule an appointment today to discuss different packaging options.


  • 24/7 availability
  • Open on Saturday and Sunday
  • Back-up pharmacy available for after-hours and new medications
  • Our drivers are an integral part of our staff
  • Timely and accurate delivery at no charge to you or residents, even on the weekends


  • Up-to-date MARs, treatment sheets and physician order forms
  • Quarterly Physician Order recaps
  • Med-D guidance and management
  • Management of non-covered items
  • A dedicated Pharmacy Tech assigned to your facility


  • E-MAR options
  • Regular audits of medication administration, med room, controlled substances and medication cart
  • Web Connect (an easy, safe and secure online connection to our pharmacy)
  • In-service training and education for staff under the guidance of our Nurse Educator and pharmacy team
  • Accurate billing
  • All “under one roof”

Guardian Mid-South is dedicated to providing the highest quality pharmacy services possible. We continuously search for new ways to increase the efficiency of our systems and quality of our service.